Terms of Reference:

  • To advise IBAG on correct interpretation of matters relating to insurance principles and practices.
  • To formulate and present opinions on technical insurance broking, risk management and claims administration standards for IBAG.
  • Provide professional guidance on global best practices within the insurance industry.

Mr. Shaibu Ali – KEK Reinsurance Brokers Ltd


Mr. Henry Kom – Asterix Brokers Ltd

Mrs. Elizabeth Larmie – NDL Insurance Consult Ltd

Mrs. Francisca N. Karikari – Liberty Insurance Brokers Ltd

Mrs. Mercy E. Kyei – Boaitey and Associates Ltd

Mr. Perry Adamba – Multinational Insurance Brokers Ltd

Mr. Eric Addo-Mensah – Midas Insurance Brokers Ltd

Mr. Stephen Hagan – Boabab Brokers Ltd