An insurance broker is a specialist in insurance and risk management. Brokers act on behalf of their clients and provide advice in the interests of their clients. A broker will help you identify your individual and/or business risks to help you decide what to insure, and how to manage those risks in other ways. Insurance Brokers can give you technical advice that can be very useful if you need to make a claim.

Brokers are aware of the terms and conditions, benefits and exclusions and costs of a wide range of competing insurance policies, so they can help you find the most appropriate cover for your own circumstances. Brokers can help arrange and place the cover with the chosen insurer and can often provide advice on how to make the most of your insurance budget.

No. Brokers are paid by the Insurance Companies with whom the business is placed.

It is not. Brokers have the benefit of market information with which they can always negotiate for better premiums. They also ensure insurers do not add their marketing cost to the premium build up unduly. In addition, Brokers make sure you get the best premium by shopping around various insurance companies.
An Insurance Agent is an extension of the insurance company and is tied to one company only. The Insurance Brokers on the other hand is a qualified professional who works for the interest of his clients and does by dealing with various insurance companies. He is responsible for his mistakes and so carries a professional indemnity cover to protect his shortcoming

To verify the legitimacy of an organization, please visit the website of the NIC http://nicgh.org/insurers-reinsurers/life-companies and go through the list of Insurance Companies

No. We are the professional Trade Association of Insurance Brokers licensed in Ghana. In other words, our Members, who are Insurance Brokers can help you make the necessary insurance arrangement. To find an insurance broker, click here.

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