Membership Benefits

IBAG Members are part of an ever-growing, national trade organization with a reputation of being highly vibrant, focused and united. IBAG as a non-profit organization puts its Members first and runs the Association on behalf of the Members.
The list of IBAG Members in Good Standing is periodically published in newspapers. This helps boost Consumer trust in Members, increasing the likelihood of their services being employed. An appreciable number of directory users (82% according to research by Thomson Local) think that an advert that showed a business is a member of a Trade Association is more trustworthy. Our website has the list of all IBAG Members, which again optimizes their web presence. Research suggests that (94%) of directory users are more likely to contact a company that is a member of a Trade Association.
IBAG (on the Executive Council level) maintains high-level links with the National Insurance Commission, the Private Enterprise Federation and the Ghana Insurers Association to the benefit of IBAG Members. IBAG continues to work closely with the NIC to help ensure a fair, equitable and workable regulatory regime for the broking industry. On the PEF level, IBAG is able to channel the concerns of Members of the industry to the Presidency of the State. IBAG periodically meets with GIA to deliberate on industry issues, negotiate Commission Rates and come up with guidelines that would have been difficult for individual Members to do. IBAG also has engagements with the Media to raise the profile of Brokers.
IBAG organizes lectures at our General meeting and training programs for staff of its Member firms, sometimes, for free or at a subsidized cost. Some of these programs would have been difficult or impossible for most small Broking firms to arrange and pay for individually but due to the large Membership, discounts are given, to the benefit of all Members. All these training and conferences serve as the opportunity for you to earn CPD credits
Our Annual Conference is a flagship program of the entire insurance industry that provides delegates (who are mainly Brokers, Underwriters, Regulators and Other Stakeholders) the opportunity to network, share ideas and have a time of relaxation. IBAG Members have huge Membership discounts plus the registration fee for young Brokers under age 35 is further reduced.
Information sharing
Through our WhatsApp group platforms, emails and General meetings held six times a year, Members are always updated with relevant information such as market guidelines, new regulatory requirements, press releases, etc. that affect insurance broking one way or another.
IBAG provides compliance, technical and regulation support to Members where necessary. At our General meetings, Members are able to share their peculiar needs and have others help with the required solutions or advice.
IBAG is a Member of the Private Enterprise Federation (PEF) and the Africa Insurance Organization (AIO). Members of IBAG, therefore, benefit from these Associations through the training programs, conferences, lobbying capacity and support.

Membership of IBAG is open to bodies Corporate and not individual members.