Welcome to the website of the Insurance Brokers’ Association of Ghana (IBAG). Insurance Brokers’ Association of Ghana is the professional Trade Association for licensed Insurance Brokers in Ghana. IBAG is the national voice of Insurance Brokers and an advocate for insurance consumers. IBAG seeks to promote and encourage learning and research into all branches of Insurance and Insurance Broking and related discipline. Again, IBAG seeks to promote, raise, maintain and uphold a high standard in insurance Broking and Consulting practice.

IBAG believes that one sure way to increase insurance penetration or financial inclusion in relation to Insurance is to increase public awareness about the role of the Insurance Broker in the insurance market and the operations of IBAG at large.

In view of the above, this website has been designed to abreast you with information about the Ghana Insurance Market, the role and operations of Insurance Brokers as well as the activities of IBAG in ensuring that consumers of insurance are able to benefit fully from insurance products on the market.

Thank you.