Most Broker-friendly & Supportive Insurer Awards, 2022


IBAG Member Companies are requested to nominate the Most Broker-Friendly and Supportive Insurers (both Life and General) for Awards at the 2023 IBAG Annual Conference & Exhibition to be held at Eusbett Hotel, Sunyani. Each Member firm can ONLY complete ONE form. The criteria for voting are as follows:

  1. Quotations: Turn-around time Reasonable Quotes and Terms
  2. Commission Payment: Turn-around time Adequacy of Commission paid
  3. Issuance of Policy Documents: Quality of underwriting Turn-around Time Coverage granted
  4. Claims: Turn-around time Posture towards claims Willingness to make concessions in claims settlement
  5. Marketing: How cooperative they are with Brokers. Do they go behind you to your clients?
Deadline for nomination: 15th March 2023