Terms of Reference

  • To promote and improve brotherliness and unity among members of IBAG.
  • To participate and represent IBAG as and when required at funerals and similar ceremonies of involving members.
  • To demonstrate by practical means like visits, presentations of gifts etc our love and concern for members who may be indisposed, hospitalized, bereaved, retired, lose property and commiserate with them.

Convener/ Chair
Mrs. Ekua desBordes-Jackson – Inter-Africa Brokers Ltd



Mr. Malcolm Dennis – Insurance Centre of Excellence

Mr. James Anti – Midas Insurance Brokers Ltd

Mr. Wisdom Attakpah – Horizon Insurance Brokers Ltd

Mrs. Evelyn Gbena – Felin Insurance Brokers Ltd

Mr. Vicent Sali-Dakpo – Visal Insurance Brokers Ltd

Nana Yaa Kuffuor – Universal Insurance Consultancy Ltd