IBAG is the Ghanaian national trade association for licensed Insurance Brokers in Ghana. IBAG is the national voice of Insurance Brokers and an advocate for insurance consumers. Our website provides information for consumers, insurance and risk professionals throughout the industry and IBAG members.

Its major objectives are:

  1. To group together all individual, incorporated Insurance Brokers and Consultants in Ghana.
  2. To promote and encourage learning and research into all branches of Insurance and Insurance Broking and related discipline.
  3. To promote, raise, maintain and uphold a high standard in insurance Broking and Consulting practice.
  4. To act as the spokesman of Insurance Brokers and Consultants in Ghana and to negotiate with Government and other organisations with respect to all matters affecting their interest and the well-being of the nation.
  5. To spread the knowledge of insurance, consultancy and insurance broking among the public.